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Retaining Walls Albury Wodonga

State 2 State hire is now doing retaining walls in and around Albury Wodonga.

We can do any length wall on the boundary or off the boundary, from garden beds of 200mm high to higher.

Why State 2 State hire:

    • We can draw up the plans to show you how the wall will be, using Autocad
    • Council permits we can submit with drawings of the design with heights and level
    • North east water Permits
    • All walls will be done in cement sleepers from 1.81m sleepers to 2.35m
    • Walls can come in different colours and textures

Retaining Walls Albury Wodonga







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Mini Loader kanga Loader PW628 is one of the safest Mini loader on the rental market. It comes with Auger drive for post hole digging, sizes from 250mm to 450mm size bits, as well as a trencher. Excavator 1.8t JCB to

2t Bobcat 1.8t JCB 8018 Mini Excavator is perfect for tight areas. Comes with 3 buckets 250mm, 450mm and a 900mm mud bucket. Extra attachment of breast walls Albury Wodonga from small to long walls cement sleepers Wodonga Retaining walls and Albur 

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